Project Type: CD and DVD packaging

CD Artwork – Ocean Blues

A Jazz collaboration featuring the songs of Jeanne Papworth.

This jazz collaboration album is arranged and produced by Phil Tweed and features vocalists Phil Tweed, 
Marty Worrall, Joanna Melas
, and Linda Wood
 as well as musicians Mitch Farmer (drums), 
David Pudney
 (double bass), Phil Tweed
 (piano and keyboards), Dieter Kleemann
 (guitar), Craig Walters

The design features a digipak foldout sleeve that reduces plastic usage and has a foldout landscape layout, with the CD disc featured in the centre panel.

digipak outside spread
Outside spread.
digipak inside spread
Inside spread.
CD Disc label
Shut Up and Dance CD single

Linda Wood CD Singles

Audio CDs can come in a variety of formats. Linda Wood release several music singles in alternative packaging sleeves.

Shut Up and Dance CD single

Boat and Sail CD single

Linda Wood - CD album cover

Music Album design

Linda Wood – “Return” Album artwork and design.

You can find Linda Wood on Apple Music. This is Linda’s second full album of original songs. The eclectic imagery represents Linda’s unique creative talent and the many inspirations found in a colourful everyday life.

booklet spread
CD booklet spread (outside including cover).
Disc label
CD disc label
Jewel case insert (outside)
Jewel case insert (outside)
Jewel case insert (inside)
Jewel case insert (inside)