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Custom Database Application Development

Imagine having a custom built software tool that is designed to do exactly what you need it to do, perfectly designed for your business needs and yet able to grow and develop as your business does! Imagine replacing all your outdated, sloppy, manual processes with an integrated fully customised data solution that can run on all your Windows, Mac and iOS devices together at once! I can develop a system to suits your needs exactly for less than some other "off-the-shelf" CRM subscription costs.

Radically improve your data entry, handling and storage solutions using this relational database and Enterprise Resource development tool. Filemaker Pro scales from single user desktop or iOS app, up to server hosted mixed platform (Mac or Windows) business environments.

Filemaker Pro is ideal for:

Filemaker Pro

Filemaker Pro Filemaker Pro is the desktop platform version of the Filemaker family of products. Using Filemaker Advanced we can author a fully customised standalone desktop application for you. No software purchase necessary! 

Filemaker Pro local file sharing can enable a database to be shared on a local network amongst a number of users and also via a web browser interface. For larger networks we recommend using Filemaker Server - either as a locally installed database server or using an online Filemaker Hosting service. Web-sharing, desktop client and iOS client sharing options are available.

Filemaker Pro projects

 Filemaker Pro Projects

Filemaker Go for iOS

The power of Filemaker Pro is available on you iPad and iPhone! FileMaker Go is a free app available on the App Store that runs your FileMaker solutions on iPad and iPhone. Solutions created with FileMaker Pro then use FileMaker Go to easily collect and share information with your team while on the go. These mobile solutions have the full power and capability of a FileMaker desktop solution with convenient portability. All media types supported by iOS can be viewed, stored, imported and exported from Filemaker Go to other apps. Use iTunes on your Mac or PC to backup your precious data or use a live sync to a web hosted database.

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